This time we discuss #SleepingGiants and other activist movements. These guys are trying to kill sites they don't like by getting brands to pull ads. Unfortunately they are typically complaining about retargeting while padding the stats of the shitty websites.

Then we go in on Tai Lopez. Definitely a smart and successful guy. But definitely in the 'get rich quick' zone. Check out the disclaimer on We will save you from the retargeting he runs.

Finally, we discuss how to turn around customers that are really, really mad. Generally if we are talking to the customer, its on social or in person at a trade show, this means they have been holding on to the issue for a while. Or they are upset enough to cause a PR issue.



0:00 - Intro

0:30 - #SleepingGiants

3:20 - Tai Lopez

9:21 - Making the most out of bad customer situations


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