Episode Summary:

This time on the show we discuss how Apple screwed themselves while trying to deliver a better customers experience. Then how Logan Paul's trip to Japan's "Suicide Forrest" will impact creators and advertisers and how you can mitigate these problems. Chrome is the new Internet Explorer???? We talk about Chrome's dominance causing generalized internet pain. Finally we tell you everything you need to know to successfully hire a kickass designer.

Question of the Show: What is the best audience engagement trick you have heard on a podcast or on YouTube? 

Actionable Nuggets From This Show:

  • Think about what customers are going to think of the solution.
  • Offset your mass buys with tightly edited influencer sponsorships
  • Set levels of support for browsers. Example: if a browser has above 7% market share it gets the full QA for every release.
  • Hiring A designer:
    • Designers are artists, they will be different from your other employees
    • Look at their portfolio and make sure the designers style matches your brand aesthetic
    • Give them a take home assignment during the interview
    • Make sure they can work collaboratively with you. 
    • Don’t separate your design team from the rest of the marketing team, bring them into the daily grind.
    • If you can, devote designers to brands.

Show Outline:

0:00 - Intro / Winter Travel

2:10 - Show Overview

3:03 - Apple’s Questionable Product Marketing Decisions

10:48 - Dumb YouTubers, What you need to be thinking about

18:40 - Chrome, The new Internet Explorer?

24:50 - How to hire a designer.

39:10 - Closing

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