0:00 - Intro 1:55 - Patreon 7:54 - Net Neutrality 16:00 - Review 2017 Predictions / 2018 Predictions   Predictions: Still Unsponsored survives another...View Details

Go back to your families already!

This time we discuss #SleepingGiants and other activist movements. These guys are trying to kill sites they don't like by getting brands to pull ads. ...View Details

We dive into several stories we found interesting. Retailers dropping storytelling, but not really. Also they want you to please save them from the Am...View Details

Episode Summary: Data Scientist Elliott Whitling joins us to discuss how marketing attribution vendors probably work behind the scenes. He outlines wh...View Details

Many affiliates that we interact with are awesome people and master marketers. However there are some that are looking to make some bucks at our expen...View Details

Overview: Our complete playbook for crushing promotions. Best practices, execution and potential fallout from success.   Outline: 0:00 - Intro 1:39 - ...View Details

We answer some marketing 101 questions from Quora then dive into marketing niche specific professional services with no budget.

Pro-tips for turning around travel catastrophes, how Apple is using fancy financing and pricing to drive sales and launching a B2B focused eBook.

Should you side hustle, should you hire people who side hustle? YES! Also we "help" someone with imagined marketing problems.

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