Many affiliates that we interact with are awesome people and master marketers. However there are some that are looking to make some bucks at our expen...View Details

Overview: Our complete playbook for crushing promotions. Best practices, execution and potential fallout from success.   Outline: 0:00 - Intro 1:39 - ...View Details

We answer some marketing 101 questions from Quora then dive into marketing niche specific professional services with no budget.

Pro-tips for turning around travel catastrophes, how Apple is using fancy financing and pricing to drive sales and launching a B2B focused eBook.

Should you side hustle, should you hire people who side hustle? YES! Also we "help" someone with imagined marketing problems.

We give you our template for getting the most out of your day. Why you should care about YouTube creators not getting paid. Facebook still in the news...View Details

This time we deal with ambient noise in the Big Easy. Topics include Amazon’s disruption machine destroying athletic ware, millennials drinking wine n...View Details

How Trump used Facebook to win an election and how the general population does not understand that marketing tool, Dove's massive Facebook blunder, Mc...View Details

OG internet marketers, Facebook’s growing roll in our lives, privacy and future episodes.

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